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March Newsletter

Five Fabulous Funky Florida Drives

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

Just in time for spring break. The Sunshine State — from glistening quartz sand beaches and emerald green water to lush forest, swamps and marshes. Or a delicate string of barrier islands to rare coastal lakes. We’re excited to launch these latest scenic drives in Florida that offer such a bountiful experience. So much to see and do — explore state parks, wildlife refuges, historic forts, discover unique tropical flora and fauna and partake in recreation galore. The possibilities are endless. Explore now.

April 22-26 — Free Entrance To Our National Parks

We are so fortunate to have more than 84 million acres of incredible treasures in the United States National Parks System. And best of all — during National Park Week — they’re free!

Not many of us can say they’ve been to all 58 National Parks or 25 National Battlefields, Battlefield Parks, Sites and Military Parks or 125 National Historic Parks and Sites or 4 National Lakeshores, 187 Memorials, Monuments, Parks, Parkways, Preserves, Reserves and Recreation Areas, 5 National Rivers and 10 Wild and Scenic Rivers and Riverways or 3 National Scenic Trails or 21 National Seashores and Other Designations but we sure can try! Start creating your bucket list of must see’s.

Get The Most Out Of Our Free Road Trip Planner

This month, we’ve expanded our Road Trip Planner’s time zone capabilities. Our planning tools have always informed you if your trip was crossing a time zone, but with our latest update, the directions will show the exact step where. Which time zone you’re in and how much time ahead or behind will also be noted. For best results, be sure to enter your trip’s start date under the Trip Settings.

We have been posting Road Trip Planner Tips on our Facebook page.
Here’s Tip #4 and a roundup of previous posts.

Road Trip Planner TIP #1
Always mobile-friendly — which means we go where you do! Plan, edit, share, get turn-by-turn directions - no app and no software installation required. Supporting IPhone, IPod Touch, Android, and Windows Phone, and of course, all of your tablets.
Road Trip Planner TIP #2
If you’re planning a large trip with many stops, use our Route Optimizer to automatically find the most efficient route between your first and last stop. From “Map” (within the green band above the actual map), select to Optimize by Distance or by Time. Of course you can make changes afterwards to best suit your travel needs.
Road Trip Planner TIP #3
Add a Start Date in Road Trip Settings. Having the actual dates in place makes it easier to keep track of your trip, book accommodations and coordinate with family and friends along the way. Added bonus — you can also export your trip to your Calendar! Start planning your dream now.
Road Trip Planner TIP #4
Don’t forget to check out our preplanned scenic drives and recommended stops and add them to your Road Trip Plan. They’re designed to inspire and encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy nature, partake in recreational activities and explore places of historic and cultural interest. Not decided when or where you’ll really go? No worries — save your favorites to your account profile simply by adding it to “My Drives”. Then one day.....

Share Your Road Photo Contest

The Open Road

The open road, the long and winding road, the high road or the low road. Roads have long been the subject of songs and poetry and our inspiration for adventure. We love taking photos of the road as it stretches toward the horizon, each mysterious twist and turn revealing awe-inspiring vistas. We invite you to share your road pictures. Each month beginning in April we’ll choose one of your submissions for our Facebook cover photo and one for our newsletter. Make sure your name is included and if it’s okay for us to credit you publicly. Also include your address (which will not be made public), so we can mail winners a free cap. Post your pics on our Facebook page or email them to

Are You Really Ready?

The car is loaded and you’re ready to go, but do you have your forest passes? Whether you plan on hiking or taking a leisurely stroll, spending the day by the water or enjoying a family picnic, save time by purchasing your passes online before you go. Our secure checkout is easy and orders are usually shipped the same day.

We offer great rates and no booking fees on hotels. Plan in advance using our Road Trip Planner and the confirmation, lodging details and directions to your hotel are automatically incorporated into your Road Trip Plan. Deciding at the last minute? That’s no problem with our mobile-friendly web site. With a GPS-enabled smartphone, finding accommodations is simple. No more figuring out what town you’re in, or stopping at each hotel to see what’s available.

Thank You For Your Support!

This month marks the third anniversary of We couldn’t do it without you. We appreciate all of the feedback, questions, and suggestions which have helped make better! We are continually growing — now featuring drives in 29 states and developing our tools to make your trip planning simple and fun. We have many more roads to travel we hope you’ll continue this journey with us.