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The Landscape Beckons

We love exploring. Whether we pack a picnic and hike on a day trip or embark on a cross-country adventure — we always learn something new. An opportunity to brush up on our U.S. history and geography, observe captivating geology, soak in the flora and fauna. We are drawn to the landscape, wanting to touch it, marvel and photograph. Exploring for us is in the details — the minutia — ferns clinging to a mossy tree, lichens, tidepool life, the colors of the sky, patterns in the waves and sand. We revel in the diversity of nature. Rugged coast to dry desert, mountains and valleys, forest and wildflower laden hillsides — each fascinate and exhilarate. We return with new concepts, random facts, lasting memories, a deepened connection to each other and our planet, a rock or two at the bottom of the backpack and laundry. We’re transformed.

Our scenic drives feature experiences for everyone, offering a wide range of options depending on interests, time and activity levels. The landscape beckons — get outdoors. Find a nearby drive or add them to a roadtrip. We’re one part scenic drive finder, one part road trip planner — so you can make getting there more than half the fun!

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Happy Independence Day

Mount Rushmore

Along with stunning scenery, the U.S. is chock full of interesting historic destinations. Below are a few suggestions. Share your favorite places with our community on Facebook.

Top 5 Road Trip Destinations

Grand Canyon

Road trip season is in high gear. Where are users going? Here are the top 5 destinations:

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RoadPreview allows you to watch every twist and turn of your road trip plan from your desktop. Get a feel for your route before heading out or armchair travel to places you haven’t yet seen.

Select RoadPreview under the File menu on the Road Trip Planner, or by clicking the link on each of our pre-planned scenic drives.

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