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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Top leaf-peeping destinations

It’s officially fall! Picture-perfect red, orange, gold, yellow, maroon and purple sweep across the forest hills. Abundant sunshine, crisp fresh air, and seasonal bounty await. We have all the details, so choose a destination, pack a picnic and get ready to embark on a fall excursion. Or plan your own adventure using our free Road Trip Planner.

Blue Ridge Parkway Mabry Mill
Blueridge Parkway, Virginia
Kancamangus Highway
Kancamagus Scenic Byway, New Hampshire
Mohawk Trail: Bridge of Flowers
Mohawk Trail, Massachusetts
San Juan Skyway
San Juan Skyway, Colorado
Vermort 100
Vermont 100, Vermont
Tex Hill Country
Texas Hills, Texas

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier from Sunrise

For those who live within view of Mount Rainier, it is a most spectacular sight — when it’s visible. Much of the year it’s elusive — 14,411 feet somehow managing to hide completely, or offering just a glimpse of the top or bottom, the rest draped in clouds. But when it emerges completely, you are spellbound, its majesty beckons.

A visit to Mt Rainier can be fabulous day trip or longer if you can. There are 5 developed areas including two main summit areas — Paradise and Sunrise. The mountain is easily accessible by vehicle and incredible views can be had with no hiking at all. But if you can, stroll as far as you are able — getting closer and closer. Fresh air, dazzling wildflowers, skittering chipmunks, pikas and marmots, and each switchback revealing scenery that restores the soul.

Autumn Fairs

Along with nature’s bedazzling colors enjoy various festivals that celebrate the harvest bounty — here are some of our favorite fall fairs: