The Road Trip Planner allows you to plan your entire road trip quickly and easily. Road Trip Planner

Road Trip Planning made easy

  • Create your trip from hundreds of our pre-planned scenic routes and thousands of recommended stops.
  • Divide multi-day trip into manageable days automatically.
  • Print or download daily directions to your GPS.
  • Perfect for day trips, weekend getaways and cross-country adventures.
  • Import and Export trips from your favorite tools.
  • Share your road trips with family and friends.
  • Unlimited use with a Free Account.


  • Add an unlimited number of stops and substops to your trip.
  • Schedule stops ranging from minutes to days.
  • Search through thousands of Scenic Drives and Recommended Stops.
  • Instantly display nearby Scenic Drives and Recommended Stops along your route.
  • Plan stops from your home computer, IPad or Android Tablets, or mobile phone with the same easy-to-use interface.
  • Get Directions, nicely divided into manageable driving days.
  • Optimize the order of your stops for the best time or distance.
  • Customize your route by adding Waypoints to select particular roads.
  • Find lodging and campgrounds each day by searching directly in our Road Trip Planner. Hotel accommodations and details are automatically added to your itinerary.
  • Configure the driving times per day and your route preferences for the trip, each day, or leg.
  • Estimate the fuel or EV charging cost and manage your trips budget.
  • Perfect for all your trip planning, including motorcycle routes, RV trips, EV touring, weekend getaways, etc.
  • Share your road trip by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.
  • Export your trip to a number of GPS devices, including Garmin and TomTom and software including Google Earth and Microsoft Streets and Trips.
  • Print your road trip with turn-by-turn maps and full directions, divided into your day-by-day itinerary.
  • Automated To Do List helps guide you through the road trip planning process.
  • Comprehensive documentation is available here or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Need more information, help, or have a suggestion? Send us an e-mail.

Not yet convinced? Get more info from our FAQ and Documentation. Send us an e-mail if you have any questions and get inspired by one of our scenic drives.