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The Road Trip Planner is a powerful application for helping you plan any road trip. We have a lot of great features which can help you better plan your adventure. This list of tips will help you get up and running quickly, and we’re always adding new ones to this list on Facebook and twitter, so be sure to follow us for updates!

Tip 1
Always mobile-friendly — which means we go where you do! Plan, edit, share, get turn-by-turn directions — no app and no software installation required. Supporting IPhone and Android, and of course, all of your tablets.
Tip 2
If you’re planning a large trip with many stops, use our Route Optimizer to automatically find the most efficient route between your first and last stop. From “Map” (within the green band above the actual map), select to Optimize by Distance or by Time. Of course you can make changes afterwards to best suit your travel needs.
Tip 3
Add a Start Date in Road Trip Settings. Having the actual dates in place makes it easier to keep track of your trip, book accommodations and coordinate with family and friends along the way. Added bonus — you can also export your trip to your Calendar! Start planning your dream now.
Tip 4
Don’t forget to check out our preplanned scenic drives and recommended stops and add them to your Road Trip Plan. They’re designed to inspire and encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy nature, partake in recreational activities and explore places of historic and cultural interest. Not decided when or where you’ll really go? No worries — save your favorites to your account profile simply by adding it to “My Drives”. Then one day...

Other questions?

Check out our documentation, FAQ and if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or anything else to share with us, please e-mail us.
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