October Newsletter


It is hard to believe that it’s already Fall! During our busy summer, we rolled out some exciting new features, drove across the United States, and of course, added many new drives.

Almost a year ago today, we started building the vision. It has been an amazing year of shaping the site into an easy-to-use destination for all your road trip planning. But we’re just getting started and have ambitious plans ahead.

We love hearing from you via e-mail and Facebook Comments and Likes. Knowing what you like what you don’t helps us improve the experience.

The leaves are changing colors and the crisp, fresh air beckons. We hope you have a chance to enjoy some of our scenic routes this fall.

Now in Nevada!

We are excited to announce the addition of scenic drives in Nevada. Snow-capped mountains, red canyons, blue-green waters and white pelicans, the colors of Nevada are vibrant. Nevada offers much to explore and this newest group of drives feature a fascinating, diverse terrain of desert, canyons, mountains and lakes.

Adding to the half of our Lake Tahoe drive already in Nevada, our featured Nevada scenic routes are:

Of course, there’s more to come. If you have a personal favorite, we’d love to hear from you!

Drive safe.

Forest Passes

America the Beautiful Annual PassSome of our scenic drives head through the National Forests and National Parks and forest passes are required. now offers the forest passes for Southern California and more passes will be coming soon. Save time and arrive prepared by purchasing your passes in advance.

One of the better-kept secrets of the National Parks and National Forests programs is the America the Beautiful pass. This pass offers unlimited entrance for one year to all Federally Managed Parks and Forests across the United States for just $80. We used this pass during our road trip across the US and it more than paid for itself – and we still have several more months to use it.

Newest Drives

We have released so many drives this time around that it is almost easier to list what has not changed. But tradition is tradition.