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February Newsletter


We have just added Arizona to our road trip roster — our second state in the southwest!

We now have more than 100 scenic drives in 10 states and are hard at work to bring you drives for every adventure.

Earlier this month, we launched a sign-in feature to the site, which allows you to track your favorite drives, manage your orders, travel reservations, and make it easier than ever to hit the road from your Smartphone. And this is just the start, there’s a lot more to come.

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Explore Arizona and Utah

Tonto National Forest

Explore the spectacular Colorado Plateau with our newest States, Arizona and Utah!


Each of our 11 new Arizona scenic drives offers a chance to revel in the beauty of Arizona where you are sure to see jaw-dropping scenery around every bend. Gasp at crimson desert hues, stand in awe as you peer at gravity-defying rocky outcrops and soak in the divine wonder of the Anasazi cliff dwellings, saguaro cactus forests, and spectacular canyons. Experience the Old West, trout-fish in pristine lakes, hike through millions of years of geology and witness the past and present of the Native American way of life. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing walk or a white-water rafting adventure along the Colorado River, Arizona has it all! now offers the time-saving opportunity to purchase Tonto National Forest Passes online. Our secure and easy checkout, and orders that typically ship the same day, make hitting the road that much easier. Choose from annual or daily passes, watercraft stickers or take advantage of senior discount options.


Touring Utah feels like you’ve been dropped into a land of long ago. Geologic features both solid and surreal scar and soar from the earth. Sun-kissed sandstone cliffs, mesas, buttes, rugged canyons and delicate arches create dramatic silhouettes against open skies. The landscape seems alive, changing color and shape as the light dances across. There are dramatic panoramic views and small details like moss growing on the inside of a cave that combine to create an unimaginable majestic beauty.

We hope you enjoy these new scenic drives. Have a favorite drive or place in Arizona or Utah? Let us know!

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Free National Park Service Days for 2011

The National Park Service has announced their fee-free days for this year. While you may have missed the first one, the remaining dates are:

If you use Google Calendar, add these dates now so you don’t miss out. You can download the calendar here.

America the Beautiful Annual PassIf you’re visiting outside of these dates and your road trip plans for the next year include many National Parks, National Forests, or other federally managed parks across the United States, consider purchasing an annual pass.

The America the Beautiful Interagency Pass is an affordable option that offers unlimited access for an entire year from the date of purchase. If you are older than 62 or have a qualifying disability, you may also qualify for the Senior or Access Pass. Save time and money while you explore the beauty and magic the parks system has to offer.

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